Monday, 13 October 2014

Funnies. Lost in translation (Part 3 of three)

So here we are again as promised. part three of my humourous and at times nonsensical images that (sometimes ) bring a smile.

The last two started here.

Everyday life. Out and about with a camera.

 This office wants every user to use a password
"for  security" purposes, then sticks the password 
onto the PC itself! (I've masked the password here).

A shop selling PC's in Olten has the Windows
 serial number on its display models.

A advert on the train for a spray to 
clean your sex toys. it was, however,
 the "Safe your body" clanger that irked 

Cannabis ice tea from the vending machine

Every time I think of this I think that 
it's a polite way of saying P**S OFF

 This caught my attention on the autobahn 
(nope. I wasn't driving at the time)

 Fitness club outside of the town of Aarau

This is very strange. Either they installed the 
bench facing the wrong way or the trees grew
after the bench was installed. This is near the 
hospital in Olten.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read this. Normal service (i.e. photography related articles) will begin appearing as normal, shortly.

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