Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I was up early this morning in a place that I hadn't previously visited. After I had parked my car, I noticed an old factory building which I knew I had to photograph.
Unfortunately I was only carrying my mobile phone with me ( a Samsung Galaxy S3 ) but I decided anyway to get a visual record of the building. The image I captured was very blue as the sun was only just beginning to rise. 

 Straight out of the phone

When I got home, I didn't even bother to open the image on my PC. Instead I opened it in a mobile phone App called Snapseed. This is a wonderful programme that allows an image to be almost endlessly manipulated. The user can alter the white balance, sharpness and saturation etc. Also available are different effects such as B&W, grunge and sepia (amongst others ) 
For the finished image, I used the settings to darken the sky behind the building, Crop the car out on the left, lighten the building itself, add just a touch of vignetting and grain, convert it to monochrome and add a funky frame. 

 After the Snapseed treatment

I like this particular programme / App so much that I have the paid for version on my PC and the free versions on my iPad and my phone.

At the time of writing, the App was still available from its makers Nik Software for free download on the Google Play store.

Thanks for reading.