Monday, 29 September 2014

Funnies. Lost in translation (Part 2 of three)

So here it is. Amusing (to me anyway) images that I've recorded over the years. Some were taken with a "real" camera and some with the telephone built in to my mobile phone. To read part one, please check out this link.

This selection, as promised in the last article is entitled  "Lost in translation". I call it that because when I come across these situations, I first read them as an English speaking person and then "switch"  my brain over to the language in which they are meant to be understood.

So what I'm trying to say is that readers of this article who's mother language is English will probably get more of a laugh out of this than the others. I'd love to hear your comments.

So without further ado.

 When parking near Bellinzona, you'll find it easy to remember 
the name of the car park!

It simply means "Swiss shower" but nevertheless
would raise a giggle or two if seen travelling on a 
UK motorway.

Three from the television.

Three from the supermarket

Looters? Seriously?

I'm wondering if this tea produces explosive 

 Is this tea for salty sea dogs or pirates?

This is the strangest one. Is the product 
actually free from French dressing? Is 
it something that people with an allergic 
reaction to French dressing can safely 

That's it for now. The final part of this silly little collection will appear next Monday the 13th October 2014. You have been warned! Then it's back to normal photography related posts including my views on my new Canon 100 - 400 L zoom which I'll be testing in Sardinia.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Funnies (Part 1 of three)

Wow! it's been a while since I last posted anything. This has been due to my almost constant search for work. Things seem to be improving now with freelance stuff, website building and teaching jobs and I think it's time to post something.

Back in the day when I first started my photographic life, I would be constantly on the lookout for humorous images for the likes of "Weekend Magazine" or "Titbits". these magazines paid £20 - £30 pounds per image. That doesn't happen anymore but I am still constantly on the lookout for something interesting, unusual or funny to record with whatever camera I have available.

The funnies usually fall into one of the following categories: Swiss-German use of the English language, Spelling mistakes and something that I call "Lost in translation".

I have gathered lots of these and don't want to use them all in one blog post so I will present today, the " Swiss-German use of the English language, " section.

I was inspired to do so after seeing the creeping use of English words into Swiss everyday life. Diccon Bewes mentioned this in his Swiss Watching blog here.

I have noticed that the Swiss are using more and more Anglicisms in newspapers, television programmes and amongst themselves. 

If I see something that seems out of place, then I usually snap a picture of it so here we go with my first category.

Anglo Saxon terms (swear words)

Not averse to using  so called "Anglo Saxon" language.

This is an actual micro brewery name

Posters for three musical groups.

Don't sit in the front row if you go to watch 
"Daddy and the willy Shakers!"

I'm not sure if "King Mastino" and "Call me Peter"
 are a couple of "pretending bastards" or whether 
that's the name of a third act!

This is the ideal basketball hoop for a 
deprived neighbourhood.

 For several years, no-one noticed that 
the sign said Snake instead of "snacks"

 Spunk boutique in Basel

Do you really "Backside Illumination" as a 
feature on your new camera?


I've been seing this mistake on the Tram ticket machines 
in Basel for over ten years now. 

And finally. if you need an English word that doesn't exist, make your own!

That's it for now. part two will about words and phrases that somehow get "Lost in translation" and will appear next Monday the 29th of September.

Thanks for reading.