Monday, 23 May 2011

Sh*t Happens

Typical isn't it?

No sooner did I find out that Canon no longer consider me worthy of their CPS membership when problems struck.
Two weeks after posting that entry, my Canon G9 compact suddenly refused to retract the lens. I emailed the service department to get a quote and was told that it would cost Fr 95 (that's $108 or £66) just to look at the camera.

A day after receiving that quote, my EOS 5d started playing up half way through a job.. The main dial on top of the camera (the one you use to control input with your trigger finger) didn't have any effect on shooting whatsoever.  I had to shoot the last half of the job in programmed mode. (Thank heavens for RAW data where I can tweak for the best results).
If 'd still been a member of CPS I could have gotten a quick turnaround on repairs.  Maybe they know something I don't?
I'm now waiting for another quote. Looks like I'm going to have to use my backup 7d for the time being.

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