Thursday, 14 April 2011

Because I want to...

For the past nine or so years, I have been driving to and from work during the early months of Spring and have been awestruck by the beautiful blossom visible on (it seems), nearly every tree .

In previous years, I always made a mental note to go and photograph them. Fate however, always conspired against me and I was never able to dedicate sufficient time to the task or perhaps the weather was never optimal.

This year however, was different. We experienced unbelievably beautiful weather with temperatures in the high twenties and cloudless blue skies.

I work full time as a photographer photographing products etc. for the premier lighting company in Switzerland, then at the weekend, I take a sort of "busman's holiday" and make images for myself. Not to sell or anything like that but simply because  want to. I find it therapeutic and relaxing.

I also decided to make use of several accessories etc that don't get out of my cupboard much. Namely my 300mm f4 and a couple of polarising filters.

My son Nicholas came with me and used the Sony Bloggie that I briefly mentioned in a previous post to record some video.

Here are some of the images from the weekend.

Taken after recording the video

Zoomed in

Same scene but from further away.

I had also previously seen a ruined barn from the road which I wanted to photograph. Stephan, my colleague obtained permission from the landowner so we went and recorded it as well.

Ruined barn from a path

I used HDR because the barn is in shadow

The next day, Sunday, I went out alone and made more images .

300mm on my 7d gives 420mm

 Sheep grazing. 7d with 300 mm lens

 17mm + polariser on a 5d

 17mm + polariser on a 5d

I'd be interested in hearing if any other working photographers reading this blog also go out purely for themselves to take pictures. I find that it keeps the passion alive.

Take care.

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