Thursday, 24 June 2010

Seeking inspiration

We have been experiencing what is arguably one of the worst winters of recent years. Finally, we have a positive weather forecast which means that many of you will be dusting off your cameras and getting out into the sunshine to take some pictures.

For the more serious snappers amongst you, what will you be shooting?

I don’t mean family and friends etc. What do you do to keep your interest alive? It doesn’t have to be summer related. I am constantly thinking of ideas for images. I have a series of sketches that I’ve been making since the mid eighties upon which I record ideas for photos.

Sometimes I’ll be reading a magazine or watching the television when an idea will come to me. I’ll then draw a picture (my drawings are admittedly crap) and file it away until I get the chance to put it into practice.

Here’s one example. I wanted (back in the eighties) to photograph a girl with a veil so I made a sketch and filed it away.

Some weeks / months later I was doing a model shoot in Surrey, England when the model started drying her hair after the shoot. I looked at her and remembered my sketch. Explaining my idea, she posed as I wanted and voilà. Another idea realised.

Here’s the original sketch (the part on the left):

and here's the finished image:

I have loads of sketches and hopefully one day I’ll get the finish them all, but I seriously hope that won’t happen. Why? Because then I’ll have run out of inspiration.

See you next time.

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