Friday, 11 June 2010

The first post

Welcome to my little part of the blogging world.

I've often read other people's blogs and thought to myself, "I should do that", but then thought "what would I write about?"

Well. After a few months deliberating on the subject, I decided that after turning fifty, I should have enough ammunition to regale the masses with my thoughts and ideas. So here it is. Welcome to "random musings from a reluctant fifty something".

I will try and update this thing at least once a week and give my thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects but first, a little about me.

I am a British guy living in Switzerland. I am married with three children and work as a photographer.

Photography is my passion. When I'm not taking pictures from Monday to Friday for work, I can probably be found taking pictures for myself, privately, or reading about photography. I've been passionate about this medium (art, craft, call it what you will), since I was given a camera by my folks for Christmas way back in 1979. But more about that in a later post...

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