Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Oldies and goldies

It came to my attention recently that although I have worked a long time as a photographer, I have very few of my own images hanging on my walls.

This prompted me to search through my archives and select a number of images to print at A4 size, frame and hang on the walls in my sitting room. Surprisingly I settled for landscapes. That's surprising to me because I don't really consider myself to be a landscape photographer.

Landscapes seem to be a very calming subject and I really like the look of them in their frames, which I purchased from a charity shop. I gave each image a two inch (5cm) light blue border in the frame which i think adds to the calming effect of the image

I also like a lot of shots that I took vertically so I'll be searching for a multi picture frame soon.

Here are the three images I chose. All were taken within 15 minutes of my home. There will be more later.

Thanks for reading.

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