Monday, 20 January 2014

Photographer and now educator!

Sorry if the title sounds a bit pretentious but this last weekend, I gave my first ever portrait photography workshop entirely in German!

I stressed a little about it in the week before because I wasn't sure if my standard of German was good enough. I explained to the participants that German wasn't my mother tongue (as if they didn't already know within fifteen seconds of my starting), and that if they had any difficulties understanding me, then they should simply ask.

There were four pupils which for me was ideal because that meant that I could take a more personalised approach.

We started with a brief introduction of ourselves and I told them a little about me and my experience as a photographer.

There were four areas that we covered. These were:
  • Equipment
  • Camera settings. Optical and technical considerations.
  • Posing
  • Software, black and white, lighting, image analysis, and developing a style.
 Away from the purely photographic accessories that I bring to a portrait shoot, I told them that one piece of equipment that is always near to hand is a simple stool or step to stand on and give myself some height when my subject is a little (or a lot) taller than me.

 add height . . .

We spent some of the afternoon putting the theory into practice in one of the fitness rooms in the learning centre. this was ideal as it was bright and airy, had mirrors and more importantly stands for when the ladies came to photograph the gentlemen!

Here are some snaps from the day.

All in all I think that we all learnt something but above all, we had fun whilst doing so.

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