Friday, 30 March 2012

Online Inspiration

I've been reading the writings of some of my favourite blogging photographers recently. It's always nice to see what's going on with other people whose work and (more importantly) photography I'm interested in.

Often, I get inspired, sometimes I get a laugh and often, I learn something new.

One such blog is from County Cork based documentary photographer Roger Overall.

As Roger explains: documentary photography is simply telling a story through a series of images. Normally, words aren't needed as the images should speak for themselves. Roger illustrates this perfectly with the following series on his blog entitled "The power of more".

He also gives step by step commentary about his shooting style and his reasons for liking some images over the others in his "anatomy of a wedding" series. Here's a beautiful series of pictures captured by Roger at one of his weddings.

You can visit his blog here.

Roger also produces, in co-operation with *two other Irish professional photographers, a podcast which I listen to regularly. You can hear (and download it) here. It's a quite informal podcast and you get the feeling that it's a bunch of mates just having a chat about the photographic world.

Why am I mentioning all this? Well as I said at the beginning, I visit for several reasons. Chief amongst them is that I can be inspired.
During my travels in the past few years, I've often seen something interesting to photograph, but because of tight schedules or having to be somewhere in a hurry, I wasn't able to stop and investigate further. Luckily I always made a note or took a snap with my mobile phone to aid me in remembering where I was.

I was recently laid off and now want to add more exciting things to my portfolio apart from architecture and product shots etc.

My personal project therefore, is to revisit these places and photograph / investigate them further.

After reading this post from Roger I've set myself some photographic goals. Just to "keep my hand in" as it were.

I'll keep you informed.

* the other two photographers contributing to the podcast are Neil McShane and Peter Cox

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