Monday, 13 September 2010

Two years in the making...

As I mentioned previously, I always have a sketchbook with photo ideas or poses to try out.

One such idea came to me several years ago. I have an apartment in a quiet village with a great view from the kitchen window.

When I first moved in I would look out of the window at the changing seasons. I decided two years ago to document it. Naturally I couldn't set a tripod up permanently in the kitchen so I tried to make the process of photographing the same view as simple as possible.

I always used a full frame camera fitted with the same lens (my 17 - 40 Canon zoom) set at the widest setting.
The camera was always manually set for focus and exposure and I used the histogram to prevent any clipping.

The middle focussing point of the lens always covered the middle of three trees that you can see in the centre of the image.

The reason it took two years was because I had to wait until conditions were perfect, including a nice sky (except for the winter shot). As this was a spare time project, I wasn't always at home when conditions were right so I had to wait until the next year!

Anyway, it's now done and I'm personally pleased with the end result.

What do you think?

Till next time.

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